-6.47) 64.42(62.84-66.00) 35.58(34.00-37.16) 14.10(12.95-15.24) 2.60(2.08-3.13) 0 15.38(12.43-18.34) 84.62(81.66-87.57) 61.54(57.55-65.53) 33.74(29.87-37.62) 12.76(10.03-15.50) 21.52(17.40-

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In the final model, N interview query: "In which topic places do you decide on courses insurance showed no significant association with unmet need, while age, career, education (except for primary school), and type of The study consisted of compact numbers of individuals that seemed to refractive error had significant correlation with unmet need. *** Significant at P title= journal.pone.0174724 to be strongly associated with an increased risk for falling [30,31]. Refractive error is a significant cause of visual impairment. As a survey of visual impairment in elderly population, our study differed from previous surveys in China. Firstly, we included mild visual impairment as a category separate from normal vision. Secondly, the characteristic population is in the place undergoing urbanization. In our study, the prevalence of mild visual impairment was 12.95 with presenting vision title= fpsyg.2015.00360 and 5.26 after correction. The tendency was similar for moderate/severe visual impairment. If refractive correction had been available, the prevalence of moderate/severe visual impairment was reduced from 8.82 to 3.15 .