10 Guiding Principles For Every Notary

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It becomes natural to place a fork on the left side of a plate, to hold the door open for a woman at the mall, or even cover your mouth when you cough. These polite gestures and tasks have become so natural and engraved that we don't think about them anymore. The same is true for how a marriage notary in los angeles notary is to conduct herself/himself in business. The 'Code of Professional Responsibility' is listed on the National Notary site. It is by no means something every notary is required to read, or secret like the name 'code' infers, however these principles help to tell and show what a notary work environment should look like.1. The most important principle states that every notary should serve all of the public, unbiased, honest and fair. This is a doozy because there are many notaries out there that want to be completely honest with a loan and tell the people they are getting ripped off. As a notary they cannot interfere with the process between the clients and the lenders. However they are required to be unbiased in who they affirm and witness and to be honest and fair with charges etc...A great one that most successful notaries have abided by.

2. A notary cannot gain profits from any transaction, signing, or witness, apart from the fee allowed by the state. This is an interesting one because all notaries charge extra for travel and tend to gain a substantial profit through title companies.3. The presence of all signers is mandatory and pretty self-explanatory.4. If it is false, or looks fraudulent get out. You cannot execute or sign anything and it is your duty not to sign a deceptive article. Good thing to keep in mind as those types of things are out there.5. The law takes precedence over the expectations of the individual.6. You can't give unauthorized advice or services. You are a ministerial officer.7. Use the notary seal on all documents signed. Don't let these universally known symbols of office be used by somebody or something for advertising purposes or other means...

8. Every notary must record their notarial acts in a journal and keep it safe as these are important public records.9. The information you view and acquire can only be used for official purpose and the notary must respect the privacy or privacies of the people involved.10. The Notary must stay up to date and current on laws and requirements of the states office.Most of these 'principles' get the "DUH!" Award. But they are good to follow. Keep them at your side and use them as your mantra. You may find them peaceful and reassuring.