20 Cute Sunglasses Under 100

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How can we so confidently recommend that a cheap pair of sunglasses is just as good as a super-premium luxury pair? What's excellent about the Polarized Classic Style is that it comes with a two-year warranty to protect your purchase in case of any manufacturing defects. Although the wraparound style is good for UV protection, as it doesn't allow any of the sun's rays to sneak in through the sides, our testers disliked wearing this model.

Sunglasses come in a slew of styles and price-points with certain pairs costing upwards of $500, but you can hack the look for a whole lot less. The Gamma Ray Polarized Classic Style out in the wild. Sunglasses will block UV - if you choose carefully. Modeling a cheap pair of sunglasses I found at the bottom of my purse.

Comfort: Although comfort is hard to evaluate, we sought frames that were lightweight and pleasant to wear for long periods of time on a variety of face shapes and sizes. Ultraviolet rays are short rays (or wavelengths ) of light that aren't visible to the human eye.

As with the Kent Wang Keyhole sunglasses, we received numerous compliments from acquaintances and friends while we were wearing this Sunski pair—the frame had an unusual, transparent design that was minimal and fun. More and more scientific evidence conclusively shows that exposure to UV-A, UV-B and UV-C has adverse long and short-term effects on your vision and the health of your eyes.

And if you put children in sunglasses a lot - not just when it is a bright sunny day - their pupils will gradually lose tone and won't be able to become smaller (which reduces the amount of light coming in to the eye) as they should, so as adults they won't tolerate bright light well.

We have so many cheap sunglasses to choose from, you can snap up as many pairs as you want without breaking the bank. Other long-term damage includes pinguecula, harmless but unsightly yellow fatty deposits in the white of the eye thought to be caused by UV damage to the collagen in the conjunctiva (the clear coating on the white of the eye).

When your surroundings get darker - like walking into a dimly lit room, or slapping on those dollar shades - your pupils (the black dots in the middle of your eye) open wider to let in more light. In addition, the zeroUV sunglasses we tested were polarized.

Though she might seem unattainable to some, he knows that he might stand a chance as a result of her cheap sunglasses, which imply that she is a regular, down home person, too. Hate the flimsiness of cheap sunglasses online sunglasses? But for less than $10, you get comfortable, solidly constructed sunglasses that protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and look pretty darn good, too.

For people who buy prescription sunglasses, Pierce and Dello Russo said wearers should confirm ahead of time that the lenses will have a coating to prevent ultraviolet light. 'The UVB can damage the lens (which helps focus light) inside the eye,' says Chris Worsman, a senior optometrist at Viewpoint Opticians in York.

Polarization: Polarized lenses—which protect against horizontal waves of light—are especially useful for improving vision in brighter conditions (for outdoor recreation, for example), and in using a pair, you benefit from 100 percent UV protection, no glare, an increase in contrast, and a decrease in eyestrain.