3 Reasons Why DeletionExpert.com Is Considered the Best Credit Repair Company

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At DeletionExpert.com, it is our mission to help make things right again after you have been the victim of identity theft. Moreover, we can assist others in getting rid of negative marks that should not be on their credit reports anymore. With our combined professional experience, nothing is out of our reach. In fact, our combination of comprehensive credit sweep and quality customer service is what makes us the best credit repair company in the industry. Reason #1: We Provide a Fast-Track Credit Sweep to Pinpoint the Problems In order for our credit sweep to be as successful as we both want it to be, we must look at it closely to determine where the issues are. Once that information is discovered, we then begin to show you why we’ve earned the title of the best credit repair company out there. Additionally, we start to formulate a plan that suits your schedule and budget so you can get back on top of your game as quickly as possible. Reason #2: We Dispute with Creditors, Bureaus, and FICO for Your Benefit During your credit sweep we will isolate the problems and begin to create a strategy that really works. Our agents are not afraid to go up against the big dogs on your behalf, and we will continue fighting with them until your credit report is exactly as we said it would be. Allow us to keep going after the end of the program, which typically takes about 3 to 6 weeks, and see even more problems disappear from your portfolio. Reason #3: We Create Unique Dispute Letters that Beat OCR Scanners Our agents are all highly skilled at hand-writing dispute letters to creditors, bureaus, and FICO. These unique and labor-intensive disputes are formulated specifically to beat OCR Scanners and get you results faster than ever. We have earned the title of best credit repair company so we take our job seriously. Ask a representative how you can start your own credit sweep today. BONUS REASON: We Charge Only One Flat Fee for a Credit Sweep and Dispute Protecting and repairing your credit report requires an investment on your part, but it should break the bank. As the best credit repair company in the biz, we never charge you monthly fees and instead only require a single payment to get the ball rolling. Visit our website or speak to a customer service agent for more information.