3 Tips to Make Your YouTube Video Stand Out

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There are billions of videos on YouTube, with every thing from cute kittens to hour lengthy movies. How can you be sure your video will stand out amongst your competition?

1. Intro/Outro Music: Using music instantly makes your video more appealing and memorable, and by utilizing the same intro each time the music becomes a part of your branding. Simply by including music you increase the viewer interest by grabbing their attention from something else they're doing. Nevertheless, when putting music onto your video be sure it is the correct music. You need a musical bit that will reflect the character of your clip. For instance, a yoga instructor would not want a rock intro/outro for their workout or training video. Rather the yoga instructor might use a piano or new age type audio so that it much better reflects their business. Also when selecting music for your video be sure you do not use copyright material. YouTube will remove your video for violating these laws.

2. Intro/Outro Slides: By putting slides on the front and back end of your video you add clarity to it. You start your viewer out by reminding them what they are watching, your qualifications, and any other specifics you may want to add. Then you finish by reminding the viewer of your name and then also presenting them with your social media links, your website, and your email. This functions extremely nicely in tandem with tip #1. You can add slides with the simplest of software. For Windows customers there is Windows Film Maker, which is free and currently on your pc and for Mac people there is I-Film. Each of these are free software that can add slides to your video.

3. Adding Tags: Adding tags is an essential step to your video. If you don't add tags to your video you will not show up in a YouTube search. When contemplating what tags to add, believe of all the words that would relate to your video. The much more the better. For instance, if you have a video that shows a dancing dog you may want to add tags such as these: Dance, Dog, Funny, dancing, dancing dog, pet, pet tricks, humor, and animal. If you add tags that relate to your video you make sure that your clip will be noticed by your target market and via that you grow your list and even gain potential clients.

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