4 Functions of Exo Lighter Adhere Matte-black

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Even the exo lighter stick textured is a power Physical appearance and its amazing attributes can cause you to love it. This guide is your review of the exo lighter stick. You're going to see some of the qualities of the matte milder and its own particular advantages.

Inch. It doesn't include any components

Unlike other disposable lighters that come with butane gas, This one is different. You have to know that gas is toxic especially into the atmosphere. But with all the exo lighter matte black, then you can now say a Enormous Great bye to old odious refills, because this unit is powered with power

2. Windproof

By now you are probably Fed up with One's traditional lighter Moving off as of wind. Well, you don't have to go through such a course of action. Equip yourself with the exo lighter stick matte-black. This lighter does not exude fire but here, thus, there's absolutely absolutely no way wind could hinder it.

3. Re-chargeable

The exo lighter is also an electronic apparatus plus can Be recharged with a cable that was micro. Now you only have to plug it into a power source. The milder takes one hour to charge for end. 1 charge can power the milder for more than 2-4 hoursper day.

4. Produces extreme heat

The exo lighter matte black may heat up to 900 level Fahrenheit and could spark wood, fuel stoves, candles, cigars, and bongs. Its outer material is zinc metal, and this causes it to be ultra-durable. Its cloth additionally tends to make it easy to wash and maintain.The duration of this lighter is 7.3cm extended, 3.6 vast, and 1.25 tall. It merely weighs 80g Per-unit

This lighter is sold with one 12 months. Additionally you Have to relish total customer service.