5 Tips on Preparing your Yacht or Boat for the Sailing Season

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We know how much of a chore it can be to prepare your yacht or boat for the sailing season. However like you we realize the importance that regular maintenance has towards keeping the boat safe and making it last a long time. It can often seem a chore to prepare your yacht for the start of the new sailing season. Improper maintenance can lead to costly repair bills so we came up with our top tips for keeping your yacht looking and performing like its brand new! Checking the anti-fouling Your anti-fouling should be kept every year and keeping it clean and tidy keeps the rest of your boat or yacht from experiencing the harmful effects of sea water. If new coats of paint are required you should source them from a chandlery to save money Servicing your engine Keeping your engine serviced and servicing it properly is the most important factor for keeping your ship running for years to come. You should inspect the filters, impeller, air filter and do regular changes of the oil in the engine and gearbox especially before taking it out after not using it for a few months. Inspecting the sacrificial anodes The sacrificial anodes can be found on the hull and shaft, they will erode away overtime and will eventually need to be replaced. You will need to check to make sure they are bonded to the boat. Anodes are designed to get smaller overtime and if it is not then it is not working and no longer protecting your ship. Similarly different anodes are needed for fresh and salt water so make sure you have the correct one as otherwise it will be ineffective. You should replace these at the earliest possible time if they have issues and not wait for them to get too small. Check your life jackets If anything does go wrong it is very important that your life jackets are functioning effectively as otherwise you may be endangering your life and the lives of those traveling with you. Modern lifejackets need proper maintenance and you should always consult the agents that provide them if you are unsure if they are safe. You should also carry working flares and fire extinguishers in the case that you need them along with a functioning life-raft. Yacht insurance Insurance is the ultimate way to avoid any unexpected bills for your boat or yacht. We recommend Towergate Insurance for this, you can call them on 0871 976 2061 or find additional ways to contact them on the Towergate telephone number website.