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With so many bad things happening in the world today, there are many of us who are finding ourselves standing near the edge ofhopelessness and despair. There are many of us who have lost our jobs and even homes. For those who have not endured this pain, they fear that this may soon happen to them or at least they know someone who is a friend or family member that this has happen to.

Yet, we must remember that when it seems that our whole world is falling apart, that is the time that we need God the most. Trials and tribulations, fortune and misfortune, miracles and disasters, in order for one to be devoted to God, one must have faith during the good times as well as the bad times. Sunny days, everybody loves them, but to have faith, you must be able to stand the rain.

When Moses found himself heading toward the water as his enemies approached him from the rear, he knew his only hope was to give God a chance. You can't believe in God, if you do not believe in miracles. Life itself is a miracle, so you must remember that anything is possible, no matter how impossible it may seem. The key thing is to never give up hope, for as long as there is a will, there is a way.

A way to help solve any problems in life that may be thrown at us. God is always there willing to work with you, but you must also work with him. God isn't going to do all the work while you sit back doing nothing. You do not prove your love to God with mere words but with action. God can help you walk through the valley and fear no evil, but you got to be willing to stand up first. God is not going to carry you, he got to know that your will is stronger than your flesh.

Moses after talking with God did not give the people a road map to the promise land; he got up on his old tired legs and showed them the way. That is all that you have to do, you can't say I am too old now, you can't say it is too late now, you can't question how, why, when, or what? For as long as you have the will, you know that God will provide you the way.

It is not if I will get back on my feet after this financial fall, it is only when I will get there. Cause I know that I am going to get there, I may not know how or what way I will take to get there, but I know why and that is because I know that God is with me.

Seek and ye shall find and I know that with God's help as long as I am willing to get up and seek out what I need, he will provide a way for it to be found. You can't give up, you can't put off until tomorrow what you know you need to do today. I don't care if you sent out a hundred resumes last month, today is a new day, send out another one. Don't give up, have faith that sooner or later somebody is going to answer that resume and give you a job. Don't let the 212th employer on your list be the one who was ready to hire you, but you only sent out 211 applications.

As long as God provide for you paper and pen, as long kho lanh as you are willing to believe that as long as there is a will, there is a way, you know that quitter never win and winners never quit. If you don't give up on God, he won't give up on you. It is not if the glass is half full or half empty, unemployment isn't fifty percent. With it being ten, fifteen, or even twenty percent, you have at least an eighty percent chance of being hired.

All you have to do is not give up, not be discouraged, have hope and know that with God all things are possible.