A Brief Introduction on the French Clothes

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French clothes are admired by individuals at home and abroad for their distinctive features. The clothes industry is as essential as French perfume and wine industries. French does not acquire his top position in clothes industry all over the world only in one day. From the elegant knight clothes in the 17th century to the gorgeous court clothes in the 18th century, France awes the globe by its lengthy history of clothes and its quick development. Today it is still the fashion center in the Europe and in the world.

France today is not only a big export country of clothes, but also a significant customer of clothes. Paris is a globe-renowned fashion center. Premiere Vision, a textile exhibition, is held every Match in Paris. There are big clothes trade fairs holding in each spring and fall. Activities like Fashion Week and clothes exhibitions brought people's love for clothes to the climax. Each procedure of the French clothes such as the design, choice of textile, tailoring, production is very cautious, which is the secret of achievement. In France, people acknowledge the previous, present and future of clothes via many magazines. She, Marie Claire are well-known magazines there.

The fashion business cannot be as glamorous as it is now without many outstanding designers. Many extraordinary designers have attributes which distinguish them from all the other brands. Coco Channel is one who leads the way in fashion, and she is good at put some features of men's wear into women's dress. She not only designed clothes, but also create cosmetics. Christian Dior is an additional outstanding designer that catches people's eyes after Channel.

When going to France, individuals get a fresh new idea of the fashion business. Many brands such as Coco Channel, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, and Pierre Cardin are famous all over the globe. The fashion clothes are usually very expensive because of its complex production process, distinctive style, and fine workmanship. Although only a couple of people can afford them, but the influence of them pushes the development of industries like textile, clothes, underwear, fur and cosmetics, therefore becoming a pillar business of France.

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