A Fundamental Guide To Comic Book Writing

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Four Tips For Beginning Your Very Own Comic Book Blog

You're the master of your domain

You need to Discover a free Domain to function with until you do anything else. You will have complete control over your content. Working with someone else means you're subject to their own rules. Your platform will appear more official and plausible. You will have complete access to WordPress and its own sources.

Your domain name may be worth Some money sooner or later, which explains why you need to do your own thing. Someone else gets all the credit when you rely upon these.


Marvel, Disney, and DC Comics are popular brands to link your name for example advocates. It sounds great in theory, but not in practice. They may not take care of the start, but they are able to change their minds later.

Everything you do comes back in time to you. It is not worth taking the risk, only to see your name in a lawsuit later on.

Buy Your Name

Do you have a long-term plan? Short-term? You should purchase the domain in your name. You will reduce your risk of someone else stealing your brand later. It is pricey but worth it. You have to protect yourself. We live in the "copycat" age. Someone else will steal your work, only to place their name on it.

The Host

You cannot get anywhere Without a host. A host makes it feasible for people to see your comic book blog. It is much like renting office space, except you're doing it on the internet. It Will be expensive, but it's the price you pay. HostGator is a superb option. You pay $10 per month and they've received very few complaints. More on our site click through the following page.