A Short History of Desserts

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Sweet desserts have existed because the starting of mankind. It is now enjoyed by people all through the globe in variety of flavors. In the previous, only the affluent society folk could afford it while the ordinary people could only enjoy it on special occasions. Advancement of sugar production permitted its much more in depth spread and at much much more inexpensive prices to customers. People enjoyed desserts worldwide simply because of the increased provide of sugar.Desserts are believed to have originated from a custom to remove the aftertaste of a meal with a sweet taste as they leave the mouth with a sweet flavor. The name confection is derived from a French word 'desservir' which indicates to clear the table. Thousands of dessert varieties exist today. Ice cream, cakes and pies are some of the popular desserts that have been present about since ancient times.

The origin of ice cream dates back about the 4th century BC, the Roman emperor Nero had ordered his followers to collect ice and add fruit toppings for his dessert. A Chinese king named Tang developed an early type of ice cream by mixture of milk and ice. Ice cream was brought back by traders to Europe. Ice cream continued to evolve during history and recipes had been quickly developed for serving the French and Italian aristocracy.Ice cream was introduced in America in 1700s. Numerous states offered ice cream as a dessert. It was served to guests by distinguished figures like Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Dolly Madison. A caterer from London advertised in a New York paper in 1774 announcing his intentions to sell ice cream in his shops.The word 'cake' is derived from an old word 'kaka'. The initial use of word 'cake' was documented by the Oxford English Dictionary in the 13th century. Cakes eaten in ancient times had been very different than today. Early cakes resembled with bread and honey and flavored with dried fruit and nuts. Early Egyptians were the initial who used sophisticated methods in baking. Medieval Europe baked gingerbreads and fruitcakes as desserts. Advancements in baking and availability of cooking ingredients helped in the improvement of cakes. Round cakes with icing resembling with today's cakes had been introduced in the mid 17th century. Modern cakes with baking powder and white flour had been used for the initial time in the 19th century.

Pies originated as dessert in Neolithic Period in 9500 BC. They were recognized as galettes which contained honey and various grains, it was baked on hot coals. The origin of pastry was an addition of bakers fruit, honey and nuts for serving the pharaoh. Drawings relating to this practice are decorated on the tomb of King Ramses II. Modifications often occurred in the creating of pie simply because of various components and conditions.Pie recipes were brought by Pilgrim women to America which was used by the Native Americans. A tradition of using round pans for pies had been started was started by colonial ladies. Pies became a part of American culture in the 1700s as it was served as desert by pioneer women. Apple pie became a popular evening dessert for the American children.

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