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Marcio Garcia de Andrade is a successful businessman with several brands of financial services and online business. He journey started out of necessity while in college, in an effort to provide for his living expenses. Despite his humble beginnings, Marcia has triumphed over his challenges to become a notable business icon in the financial industry. Unlike most businessmen, Marcio is passionate about supporting other businesses especially startups to take off and excel. His passion for young entrepreneurs has led him to develop several brands of financial service providers partnering with established lenders to provide financial support to startups. Through his companies and business relations, Marcia has made it possible for individuals and corporates to access unsecured funding for their businesses, even those with poor credit scores. It is through such initiatives that he encourages daring entrepreneurs to take the risk and actualize their business goals. Despite his enormous success, he remains a humble man who never flies first class and enjoys beer. Marcia employs a global team to oversee his vast business as he continues to explore other interests in his life, such as design. He comes out strongly advocating for hard work and building an empire doing the things you love. To find out more about him, visit his website, .