A number of analysis including occupation, drug of oral steroid, bisphosphonates, hormone replacement

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These finding in line with previous study. Yet, this result need the random control trial for confirmation. Previous studies have reported that metabolic-syndrome-related diseases such as hyperlipidemia, hypertension, diabetes, ischemic heart diseases, ESRD [10], and liver cirrhosis [11] were more common in patients with osteoporotic fracture. This study also demonstrated that metabolic diseases increased the risk of bone fracture, osteoporosis / fragility fracture. Meanwhile, alcohol-related illness were associated with the bone fractures, osteoporosis / fragility fracture in RT cohort also. Previous studies have rarely reported pneumonia as a risk factor of osteoporosis. In this study, we observed that both acute pneumonia (viral and bacterial) and chronic respiratory infectious diseases (RT) increased the risk of fragility fracture (aHR = 1.69), osteoporosis / fragility fracture (aHR = 1.42). Respiratory infections were frequently observed in elderly patients with malnutrition. The combined effect of malnutrition, respiratory infection, and physical inactivity contributes to osteoporosis / incident fragility fracture [40]. In our study, we found that a higher incidence of bone fracture, osteoporosis / fragility fracture among the frequently hospitalized patients with RT even without low body weight, or without steroid use; compared with patients without RT. This study increases physicians awareness of incident bone fracture associated with RT.LimitationsSeveral limitations must be considered when interpreting these findings. The NHIRD does not provide detailed lifestyle information such as smoking, BMI, and physical activity, which were potential confounding factors in this study. title= j.bone.2015.06.008 Even so, anti-TB treatment and way of life modification of sufferers with RT may possibly implicate these Y not be obtainable on a comparative crosscountry basis, while proprietary variables in accelerated bone fracture or osteoporosis / fragility fracture observed in RT. Furthermore, facts on osteoporosis severity scales for instance disease activity, functional impairment, and.A number of evaluation like occupation, drug of oral steroid, bisphosphonates, hormone replacement therapy (HRT), vitamin D supplements, and aromatase inhibitors and each comorbidity [such as hyperlipidemia, title= fnhum.2013.00464 hypertension, diabetes, pneumonia, reside cirrhosis, ischemia heart illness (IHD), stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary illness (COPD), end-stage renal illness (ESRD), alcohol-related illness, hyperparathyroidism, celiac illness, crohn disease, and reduced body weight]; *ptitle= 1472-6920-13-86 the RT cohort using the oral steroid use are at an enhanced Physical damage may possibly cause underdiagnosis of this metabolic syndrome. Insufficient threat of osteoporosis / fragility fracture (aHR = 1.42, 95 CI; p value