Adamawa North Senatorial Seat: Anna Sini On The Sprowl

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Adamawa State Northern Senatorial Zone is one of the senatorial districts that have produced the highest number of governors in the state.
The zone is opportune to have produced people like: Sale Michika, Wilberforce Juta, Boni Haruna and of recent the active and the ‘most performing governor’ in the country, Senator Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow.
Not to talk of the likes of Buba Marwa who came from the same zone. Adamawa North have produced and is still producing notable men and women of high
Adamawa Nortth Senatorial zone has also produced a lot of military administrators. The zone also have many business tycoon of international reput with the likes of Late Umaru Jibrilla, A A Duhu, Alhaji Yakubu, and Mrs Anna Sini, just to mention but a few.
All these great men and women have distinctively given the zone a glorious image with their unique performances whether in government or in business.
This great zone with impetus of administration have equally produced men of high leadership quality as senators of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. People Like Senator Paul Wampana, Senator Manna and Senator Muhammad Umaru Jibrilla Bindow must always be mentioned in the story of Adamawa North Senatorial zone.
These senators gave their best, shared their treasures, gave out their share of representation without building walls of political enimities. To some of these men, their arduous service to humanity have catapulted to represent their people in a high level of
Recently, the view of so many people from that political axis is suggesting that there is a deeper out cry of the old and young, elites and the common, for another senator to represent the zone in 2019. This, according to some of them, is to compliment the achievements of the governor Bindow led administration.
Some of the electorates in Adamawa North are of the opinion that the vision of governor Bindow is to have an all round development in Adamawa state and that he must work along side with people who have, share in the same desires to work for the people of the state. He gave his best when he was a lawmaker, his tenure was characterised with philanthropical life style.
From all indications, we have observed that governor Jibrilla will love to support, and hope to see kindhearted individuals especially somebody with the people mandate and agenda like Annayo (Anna) Sini to occupy an office in the red chamber.
Annayo’s motherly love, care and willingness to help is what the people of the Adamawa North Senatorial District wants. Her heart of sympathy and compassion to the needy have distinctively set her aside for the noble assignment.
From Madagali to Michika, from Mubi North to Mubi South down to Maiha, it seems to be the yearning for a new Senator who is devoid of all primordial sentiments.
People are claoring for someone who is willing to serve irrespective of political party and alliances. They need someone who is willing and ready to help irrespective of who voted or who did not vote.
The zone is looking for a leader that will have the attitude of coming back home to see how they are faring and what they need at the National level. Be it man or woman, Adamawa North needs someone who will make the zone their number one priority. This time around, the people of Adamawa Northern zone are looking for a intelligent, selfless, merciful, hard-working and humane personality who will be a reference point to the younger generation.
Now, the conscientious voice of these people is looking at Mrs Anna Sini who is popularly known as Annayo seems to have a beckoning lifting hands of people from the North, South, East and west cost of Northern Zone of the State. This woman of alacrity attitude who believe in putting smiles in the life of people is now hearing a call from the five LGA that makes up the northern senatorial district.
A woman of respect and dignity attracted a deference "of a sighted good leader by her people who gave her a courtesy and esteem her very high and regarded to be a hope at last, a rekindled dwindling dream of thousands of people not only in the state but in the whole of Nigeria who they know can speak up, can speaks out and can stand out for the sake of the downtrodden and the zone will get a sense of true representation with her laudable works.
With great amount of enthusiasm many people have interest in this philanthropical living woman, a diadem ornamental who will show case the glory and beauty of Adamawa State. This has position Anna in the watchful eyes of people doing great in their various field of endeavour. Men and women are now watching with hearts full of hope to see the dream of Anna coming into a reality haven see her selfless services she rendered in some parts of the zone.
Anna is a leader of worth, an eaglet soaring onto high altitudes for Northern senatorial zone of Adamawa State.

– Garba worte in from Adamawa