All You Needed To Know About RCA Cables

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RCA cables of Radio Corporation of America cables are the oldest form of cables in America. Discovered in the year 1940, this company- Radio Corporation of America were the first to make cables. These were originally developed to connect amplifiers and phonographs and things like that. Gradually they made their way to offices and homes. They are the most common type of cables and almost all of us have grown up with these RCA cables. There are other names for these cables as well and they are also commonly known as the lotus plug or the clinch connector.An RCA cable is very useful. They are enabled to carry both audio and visual signals. They are supple and very flexible. There is a difference between the plugs which are used for the audio and visual signals. The audio cables have two plugs each for right and left. The video has 3 plugs. The good thing about these cables is that they can be used for both composite and component video signals. To make sure that you don't have any confusion, RCA cables are made of different colors. This makes it easier for the user to connect the cables to the respective equipment. Audio plugs are of red and white or of red black color. The red and white or red and white colors denote the left and right hand side of audio signals in the equipment.

As mentioned rca audio video adapter earlier, RCA cables are designed to handle both composite and component videos. The composite video signals have a red and white plug combination. On top of that, they have a yellow plug as well. The yellow plug is necessary for audio signals. For component video signals the colors of the plugs are blue, red and green. These are for different components of the video. It all may seem confusing, but the good news is that if you forget and put the white or black plug into the red one's socket, your device would still work, given that they are arranged in the same way in the output device you are using. But if it still confuses you, then the manual is always there for help.