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Amazon Selling Machine is yet an additional product that requires on the growing trend of using to make money online. For about a week or two, a lot hype was made for this course. Top internet marketers such as Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos partnered with Amazing Selling Machine creators Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark. But with the infamous $3500 cost tag, it is simple to be skeptic about what the course really is and whether or not it can deliver its $one hundred,000 profit promise.

The doors to the Amazing Selling Machine is officially closed by March 21st. But that doesn’t mean we could not talk about it, correct? Nicely, read on to find out what is in this course. Verify out the official website to sign up for alerts. The Amazing Selling Machine

The Amazing Selling Machine was produced by two internet marketing giants, Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback. Matt claims to have sold almost $700,000 and Jason with $355,000 with 50% profit margin in the first two months of 2013 on Amazon.

The course comes with an eight-week training and access to forums. There will also be an automation software that can be used for two years.

What Amazing Selling Machine Promises

The courses promises its members three things:

- Make your product convert better than similar products - Systematically get product reviews (possible on total auto-pilot) - Get a burst of visitors “to show Amazon your products is HOT”

Seven Steps to Amazon Profits

Throughout the course, Jason and Matt will talk in detail about the seven steps to its “Ultimate Promotion System” and here’s a preview of what these steps are:

- Register a Seller account on Amazon (Expenses $39.99 for professional account) - Pick a product to sell. - Create a product detail web page. - Get 3 views for the Amazon product. - Produce a simple how-to video for your product and post it on YouTube. - Create a press release or your Amazon product. - Set up and implement a “Review Every Day” system

Of course, Jason and Mat will discuss precisely how all these steps should be executed.