Amazon Gift Certificates - A Last Minute Gift Idea

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Do you need a last minute gift? Maybe you forgot to purchase a gift for your friend or you were invited in a party in the last moments. The reasons may be many but the solution is one - Amazon Gift Certificates.Amazon gift certificates are considered as best giving option for various occasions like Christmas, Valentine day, Fathers day, Mothers day, a wedding or an anniversary etc.Why Amazon Gifts Certificate are Famous1. Amazon gift certificates can be used to buy almost any item sold on Amazon and their affiliate website Endless. 2. You can buy these for any amount up to $5,000.00. You can print these from home or send them by e-mail or physical mail anywhere in the world. You can also choose the occasion and design. 3. You can order up to 400 gift certificates at a time. It is useful when you have to send gifts to many persons at a time.

4. There are 3 ways you can send these:(a) E-mail gift certificates: These generally arrive within 15 minutes of being ordered if you choose "Now" as the delivery date. If you wish, you can also specify a delivery date up to 1 year in advance of the purchase date. (b) Print at Home gift certificates: You can print your Amazon gift card from the confirmation e-mail you receive or from the order summary in your account. Printable gift cards are usually available to print within 15 minutes of order. (c) Paper gift certificates: These arrive in the mail 5 to 7 business days after you submit your order.5. These gift certificates never expire. 6. There are no processing fees or monthly fees associated with the gift certificates. Some companies charge a processing fees up to 5% of order cost and monthly fees as high as $10.00/month. However Amazon does not charge any such fees.

Where to purchase Amazon Gift certificates:The best place to purchase is amazon website. However, the following companies are also authorized resellers of Amazon Gift Cards:Better ATM Coinstar Current Gift Cards Flipswap Gazelle Greeting Bee GroupCard HD Greetings Howdiduknow Nextworth Plastic amazon free gift cards Jungle PointsMoreover, if there is any problem in the process, amazon customer service is always there to help you. Amazon is the world's largest and most trusted online retailer and their customer service is considered as the best customer service in the world.