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LED bulbs are are thought to be more expensive as compared to other lighting sources such as fluorescent bulbs and incandescent lights. But that is a misconception, when you look at all the cost factors beyond the sticker price. In fact, LED bulbs have more advantages over those mentioned competitors. Here are what I think are top five reasons why LED lights need to be used in your home.
Battery Powered LED String Lights . LED light implementation provides a long-term savings. An LED light will last 25-50 times longer and uses less energy than other bulbs. That's equivalent to 50,000 hours of use and more than 20 years of daily usage. In a span of one to three years, the total price incurred with the purchase of an LED light bulb will totally be recouped. This is a serious return of your initial investment. For by the third year you will still be getting light, but you will now have extra money that used to go to the electric company.

Green Living. The presence of Mercury and other toxic glues in an incandescent and fluorescent bulb is harmful to the general environment.
In case of broken bulbs, one must be careful in handling their disposal so as not to be contaminated personally and to contain toxins from entering the soil and water. LED lights don't contain any of those hazardous materials, so there is really no special concern when it comes to the environment. And due to their long life - fewer bulbs need to be replaced over the same period of time meaning less waste for landfills.
Also, LED lighting generates less heat at home because it is designed with heat sinks that allow operation at lower temperature. These heat sinks are usually made of aluminum struts that surround the lower bulb.
Insect Free. Let's face it! Insects and bugs that roam around lights on and in our home are pretty annoying. The good things about LED lights, most of them do not emit the Ultraviolet light that attract flying insects. You can check the UV information of your package if you are happy with this advantage.
Easy Set-up and Installation. Life is stressful enough, so anything that makes life easier is desirable. LED bulbs make your life easier when it comes to installation and set-up. It's just a matter of hang it up and turn it on and voila! Just like the light bulbs made by Thomas Edison over a 100 years ago.
And as mentioned previously, you will not have to replace these bulbs as often. Think about the closet light or the outdoor lights or high ceiling lights - eliminating extra trips up a ladder is a blessing.
Produce Bright Light. Unlike fluorescent lamps, LED lights generate a bright light with a more complete spectrum which can contribute to the improvement of mood and well-being. Also, LED bulbs produce a steady light that does not flicker.

For me, LED bulbs represent an important advancement for all of us. They save us time, energy and money and use less resources as well.