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Your shoes say something about you. They are available in all sorts of styles, colors and materials. Use these tips to help yourself become a "smarter shopper." You're going to realize just how much what you've read can help.

It is sometimes difficult getting all the shoes you need in your wardrobe. Though difficult, it is possible to acquire trendy shoes at a great price. Apply the tips found above, and you will be an expert in no time.

The tips in this article should give you enough information to make your next shoe shopping experience much more pleasant. Plan ahead, set a budget and spend a little extra time to find the right pair of shoes. Share these tips with others; no one should have to shop for shoes without them.

Use a black Sharpie in lieu of shoe polish to cover a scuff on the back of a black leather shoe. It will camouflage the white mark until you can get to some polish.

Rather than wearing stiff and painful patent leather shoes at a formal occasion, invest in some black dress shoes to wear with your tuxedo. These shoes will fit your feet so you will not need to endure the painful rentals all night.

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