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Anal sex could be the act of inserting your penis into the partner's anus during sexual intercourse, using the goal of making her experience pleasure and intense orgasms. It will always be carried out in stages simply because you wouldn't like to hurt your spouse in the act. It is now possible either way, the lady may also undertake it for the man. Normally, this is achieved by using her fingers or sex toys. This article address the issues on How to Have Anal Sex, of course this article may also be used like a general reference both for genders.

Stage 1 - speaking about it

You must first convince her that anal sex is pleasurable, and could be pain-free should you it right. She may have a poor experience before and having anal sex may be the last thing she would like to use again. Speak to her nicely and continue to get her to agree. Make her feel safe and she or he is often more happy to agree. There needs to be a mutual agreement to try anal sex before we proceed to stage 2.

Stage 2 - preparation

Before you even try doing anal sex, get her to completely clean up her anus. The anus is laden with bacteria therefore it may cause a bad infection towards the you both should you guys get it done wrongly! It's very required to clean the adult novelties as well before and after usage.

Stage 3 - penetration

Anal sex can be very rewarding once you know how to get it done. Using plenty of lubricant, insert your index finger into her anus. Move your finger inside and out. This is achieved to help 'widen' the anal canal. Once you are done, do it now with your index and middle fingers. Alternatively, use a sex toy. You must remember to become gentle here, and don't rush with the process!

After you think she is ready, put your penis at her anus opening and slowly push it in. She may be screaming out of pain at this point, so stop immediately if you notice her experience discomfort! Continue only when you imagine it can be appropriate.