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But this remedy has a rather long history. In fact, it was extensively used in ancient times. There are many health benefits offered by apple cider vinegar and we'll talk about some of the more notable ones in this article.

You've probably heard of the Apple Cider Vinegar Diet and its many variations. Most folks think it's just a diet for losing weight, but nothing could be further from the truth. It's also great if you need to increase your energy. It aids the body in eliminating the toxic substances we are surrounded with and helps keep it purified. Going on an Apple Cider Vinegar Diet doesn't mean that all you consume is ACV. You will just be required to drink a specified amount of ACV each day, along with your normal food. In most cases, the most you will have to consume on a daily basis is three tablespoons. Of course, if you are making yourself a drink with the ACV, you need to make sure to dilute it with enough water. One tablespoon for each glass of water is good. You can cause problems with your teeth if you drink it undiluted and it's also too strong for your system. As a tonic, you couldn't choose a better product than apple cider vinegar. Your digestion, energy level, as well as other benefits, will be yours if you drink it throughout your day. Apple cider vinegar has been reported by allergy and hay fever sufferers to help relieve their symptoms. In some cases, it even eliminates allergies altogether. Here's what you can do. Three times a day, drink a glass of water to which you have added a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. If your allergic symptoms are severe, you can increase the dosage of ACV to a quarter cup mixed with water. If you do this consistently, you may very well find that your allergies lessen or disappear. Your body will be able to shed toxins when you add ACV to your diet and you will benefit by having a stronger apple cider vinegar weight loss immune system. With less toxins and a strong immune system, you can see why your body is better able to deal with any allergens you may encounter each day.

D.C. Jarvis was one of the top experts on the uses of apple cider vinegar and you can find several books that he wrote regarding its healing abilities. There are benefits to be found for both humans and animals in the use of ACV according to D.C. Jarvis. Arthritis is another ailment that he found responded well to ACV and he talks about this in several places. The high mineral content of apple cider vinegar is what D.C. Jarvis attributes to its ability to aid arthritic maladies. Arthritis responds well when someone who suffers it's pain includes the mineral potassium in his or her diet. Many people who have tried this remedy have found that taking apple cider vinegar regularly gives them relief from the symptoms of arthritis and greater joint mobility.

These are just a few reasons why it's a good idea to include apple cider vinegar in your daily routine or take a supplement in capsule form.