Are Custom Trade Show Exhibits Worth It?

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It's simple to get excited about your first few forays into the globe of conventions and conferences, but you don't want to over-invest in trade show stands if they will not give you a solid return on investment. If you are contemplating whether or not custom exhibits are the correct option for your company, you need to cautiously weigh the potential problems versus the enhanced marketing opportunities. There are several good factors why it could be worth it, but every has its pitfalls as well.

Sending A Strong Message

Custom trade show exhibits send a powerful message about companies that use them. Conference or convention attendees have a tendency to admire these customized displays, associating them with words like "success" and "established." Perception is critical when you are in front of thousands of potential leads, and custom exhibits tend to be remembered longer than their cookie cutter cousins because visitors perceive them as a reflection of the company's quality.

The Uniqueness Aspect

Branding is one of the most critical goals for almost any organization that has a product or service they want to sell. Custom exhibits can be tailored to your company image, use your corporate logo, and generally capture your distinctive message and image far much better than regular table top displays or stands. Using a great designer and operating with a company that can produce a really one-of-a-kind exhibit, you can make a lasting impression simply because you stand out from the crowd.

The Flexibility Of Custom Trade Show Exhibits

Some businesses favor to use rented trade show stands simply because they prefer versatility and are afraid they will be locked in with a customized version. In reality, the opposite is true. You can design a distinctive booth that has a variety of components, including table top displays and banner stands, that can be switched out depending upon your accessible booth space and target audience, all the while maintaining your brand identity safe.

Frequency Of Use Vs. Budget

Cost is always a consideration, particularly when your marketing budget is slim. If you aren't sure when the scales tip in favor of purchasing instead of renting, maintain a few things in mind. If you only attend 3 or four events a year, renting can probably save you some money, whilst investing in custom trade show exhibits may be a better option if you set up shop on convention floors every month. Generally speaking, the cost of a rental is about 30% of the cost of similarly sized, one-of-a-type exhibits.

Only you can determine which option is best for your business. If you aren't certain which way to go, talk to a couple of specialists about the pros and cons in more detail. They will guide you toward the solution that's best for you. If you nonetheless are not certain, try using rented trade show stands at a few events and see what your ROI is. If you feel like you need some thing much more specific or specialized in order to represent your company appropriately, it's most likely time to get in touch with a display company and invest in something unique branded particularly for your company.

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