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When you realize that you have a bug infestation, you definitely need to call a professional exterminator pest management .
Contrary to what many people think, it is not because of neglected hygiene that bed bugs are present at home.
They are expanding because people DO NOT talk about it and it takes too much time to call in an extermination company. These insects are quite difficult to exterminate and they reproduce quickly. Get rid of these pests by calling in a professional, a bug exterminator.

Do not neglect prevention

The best way to control these bed bug insects is to prevent them from moving to your home. They are small (a mature adult is about the size of an apple seed). Very mobile, they can move easily. Their bodies are flat, which means that they can hide in very small spaces.
According to reports from the exterminators, most infestations begin slowly, insidiously:
• You stay in a hotel where insects are nestled.

• You bring them home from a friend who does not know he's infected yet.
• They traveled inside your suitcase or in a moving truck.
5 tips before the exterminator arrives:
1. To begin, DO NOT TOUCH anything until your home or business is inspected; you risk moving the insects and distorting the results.
2. When your exterminator  has determined the extent of the infestation, you can start removing all the bedding from the mattresses and pillows. Then gather all the clothes, linens, children's clothes, towels, etc. that are stacked in drawers, cabinets, closets and that are machine washable.
Use warm water to wash clothes, then use the dryer at the hottest cycle to dry for about 1 hour. When this step is complete, the washed and dried clothes should be wrapped in plastic bags and completely sealed.

CAUTION, do not bend anything on mattresses or sofas to avoid re-contaminating them once more.
3. Empty all cabinets and closets. Leave them empty, to facilitate the process of exterminating bed bugs. All electrical devices must be disconnected for safety.
4. Use the vacuum cleaner and vacuum the carpets, floors, corners and if possible the edge of the skirting boards that run along the floor. Also vacuum the cushions of armchairs and sofas. As soon as you are finished, immediately dispose of the contents of it outside your home or dwelling.
It is not because they have been sucked that bed bugs are dead. Above all, do not clean anything with steam after the technician has applied the insecticide product, so as not to reduce its effectiveness and to obtain the best results possible.

Redmond bed bugs exterminators Be sure to space the furniture near the walls so that the exterminator has enough space to work.
5. It is recommended to wait until all surfaces are completely dry before replacing furniture and other belongings.
Also wait for the bed bug infestation to be completely eradicated before putting your clothes back in the drawers or cupboards.
It might seem like a long time, but it's worth the wait. Otherwise you may have to start the whole process of cleaning clothes again ...
Continue to maintain total hygiene at home. In this way, you will get rid of those unwanted visitors.