Benefits of Using a Catering Service for Your Company Picnic

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There are a taco catering bay area number of top of the line event management companies who would cater to your picnic planning needs. Picnic planning in the bay area has become a lucrative business these days and companies offer varied services to stay on top of the game. You can find these companies online. They would provide all the relevant information about their services on their websites. You could choose your picnic planners at your own pace.A company picnic is an outing where people get a chance to unwind with their colleagues and children. During the summer companies are always organizing these outings. Everyone loves to enjoy the California sunshine and relax. Picnic planners in the bay area have studied what people enjoy most during these outings and come up with the perfect schedule for your picnic.

They would take care of all the planning services. They would even suggest the best locations to have your picnic. The fun starts as soon as you get off the bus as there are plenty of team building games for you and your colleagues to enjoy. Companies provide a gourmet lunch with a wide variety of cuisines to choose from. They serve all sorts of side dishes salads and pastas as well as mouth watering deserts. What better than a chilled beer along with your barbequed chicken steak, these companies offer all sorts of drinks and refreshments at their picnics. You could choose from the finest French and Californian wines, as well as many varieties of beer. They even serve cocktails and mocktails. They also have Popcorn and Candy carts for the kids.After lunch you can relax and unwind and watch one of the many live performances. There are a number of company team games you could play if you like. Here are a list of team building and fun games these companies organizeHula hoop relay Cross Dress relay Water Balloon Toss Water Balloon Catapult Flipper relay Blindfold obstacle Phony Express Bucket brigade Land ski Sack races The Human fountain Frisbee Golf Giant Limbo Water Gun Ball BasherThese are conducted by trained professionals who motivate your group and help in team building.There is entertainment for your kids as well. Companies have arranged for many games and activities for kids of all ages. They want to ensure that every one has a ball. The aim is to ensure that everyone is entertained. They set up many carnival games for kids of all ages. For the teens they have games like foosball and a basketball shootout arena. They also have a number of entertainers like magicians, psychic palm readers, and face painters. Your kids could also play mini golf and crocket. They even have the option of pony rides. Many people choose a theme for their picnic. Event companies would take care of costumes and dcor for this as well.

With so many awesome features on offer you won't have to plan your picnic yourself ever again. So do search online and find the perfect planners to organize your next company picnic bay area.