Benefits of drinking green tea

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benefits of drinking green tea

Why men and women feel relieving when they see mountain lines by way of semitransparent fog, or see sea devoid of margin flashing under dazzling sun?

Since we come from nature, no matter how advance our technologies is, or how efficient our society performs, we are flesh made human, the youngsters of mother nature. We couldn't cease communicating with nature through breathing, consuming, watching, touching and best loose leaf green tea hearing the nature even one second.

In other words, nature is the fountain of our living energy.

But, individuals of our generation sometimes can not get close to our mother nature: E mail immediately after five minutes, presentation immediately after 2 hours, and report for tomorrow, these type of factors maintain folks away from mountain, beach, river and sea. We want to get closer to nature, but our time is limited So, is there any way that could support us to really feel the nature in quick time? A single sip from a cup of original Chinese tea might give you a hand. In Chinese culture, nature is believed as the ultimate beauty and truth, more than-processed issues are deemed as low quality and undesirable taste. In Chinese tea lovers' eyes, there are so a lot of benefits of drinking green tea,tea is not only a sort of drink, but a tunnel that aids people to get closer to nature: When you really feel tired, drink a cup of tea with full tea leaves floating in water and nature taste, could let you taste, see, and really feel the nature. "1 sip to nature." is the ultimate aim for Chinese tea to realize. So, Chinese tea makers try to preserve the nature flavor and appearance of tea leaves, under no circumstances add any additive essence throughout tea generating procedure, and never ever break the integrate of tea leaves intentionally.

Just like those classic Chinese tea makers, we, teadaw, insist on giving pure & nature Chinese tea to our buyers.

We find the great places, which have great altitude, perfect average temperature in China for tea cultivation,

ask experts for advises about tea plantation,and boost classic Chinese tea making process to conserve the nature flavor, so do the original looks of tea leaves.lastly we make finest loose leaf green tea. No matter how extended the history and how complicate the ritual of Chinese tea has, the important of Chinese tea is usually organic. We know how hard and precious for tea to include "nature" inside, so we hope that our effort could let people really feel it from our tea, bring persons relieving.