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Linda Ikeji is a name that has become synonymous with blogging on the Nigerian web stratosphere. Some persons like to hate her, others hate to like her, but even a lot much more than the initially two combined appreciate to appreciate her. Her weblog has somewhat come to be the most effective location to get authoritative news in Nigeria. If Linda didn’t blog about it, it wasn’t true or hadn’t occurred however. But it wasn’t all sunshine and roses when she began out. Infact, blogging wasn’t her main hustle when she started out. Linda became an entrepreneur at the age of 17 and failed at each and every company she ventured into.

In a post on her weblog yesterday, she shared her story. These are some of what she said that were also poignant and a lot of us -if not most can relate to. On achievement not becoming an overnight point. In in 2006, I mustered the courage and saved enough funds to publish my own magazine. It took me months to place this with each other and I utilized revenue I created from my business enterprise to print the magazine. Right after it was released, I didn’t recoup the dollars I’d spent on it but I knew I couldn’t grow to be a thriving magazine publisher over evening. I knew the road was extended and challenging and I had to preserve at it, I knew I had to print far more editions ahead of individuals and sponsors could take me severe.

It was tough but I didn’t want to give up. I wanted to succeed by all suggests and I knew consistency was the key. You see, ideal from when I was young, sleeping with guys for revenue/come up was in no way an selection for me. That’s why I’m attempting to enable girls with dreams alternatively of condemning girls who discover various methods to survive. It is difficult out there, guys! On hitting rock bottom. I turned 30 that year and I bear in mind having the worst day of my life - so far - on my 30th birthday. I’d lost my office, I’d provided up on my magazine dream. My other corporations weren’t doing well. I’d been hustling since I was 17 and I believed that by now I would have produced it, but right here I was at 30, losing it all (or so I believed) and beginning all over once more.

And items turning about. Her choice to give back. I made up my mind that day, that anytime I get to a position where I could enable other young ladies with dreams and aspirations, I would help. Mainly because I’ve been through it myself, I know how challenging it is to start out or run a business in this country. That is why I want to focus on young ladies with dreams and fantastic small business tips. Right now, I have footwear that cost extra than N190k, but back then, that was a lot of cash to me…and I didn’t have it. Linda Ikeji is now singing as she drives in her Variety Rover all the way to the bank. She built a house for her parents. It is the one particular with the popular black gate we see on her Instagram web page. She has even not too long ago taken her parents abroad to celebrate their getting titled Chief and Lolo in their village. We can absolutely say that we’re all tapping into her blessing. If Linda Ikeji can do it, then we can also.

A day immediately after blogger Linda Ikeji broke the Nigerian online space when news of her Banana Island, Ikoyi residence acquire went public and social media is nonetheless buzzing. Linda Ikeji" is one particular of the prime ten trending subjects and persons just cannot stop talking about the blogger who went from practically nothing to just about every damn issue! As a woman I am inspired! This is a woman who relentlessly pursued her dreams and has made a accomplishment of her life. Banana Island residence or not. Lol. My house is not N450m…where did y'all get that from? It is over N500m. And thanks for all the kind words. Really like to u all. The property is listed on two house sites at N600 Million & N800 Million respectively. So if I had to hazard a guess i’ll say she spent N550 Million. According to the listing the 700 m2 detached property is newly built covering three floors and has a penthouse. Penthouse with Master bedroom. Her neighbours are Mike Adenuga, Aliko Dangote, Sayu Dantata to name a wealthy few. At times God delays these points to bless other elements of your life.I am ready when He's ready! Having mentioned that,who desires to marry me?

Laura, the sweet younger sister of well-liked wealthy blogger, Linda Ikeji, has been engaged to her boyfriend of 1 year, large sister, Linda Ikeji announced on her popular weblog on Friday. Laura’s boyfriend is Ogbonna Kanu, former footballer and brother of Nigerian football legend, Nwankwo Kanu. So my incredible tiny sister Laura Ikeji got engaged tonight. Her man of about a year, former footballer and younger brother to football legend Kanu Nwankwo, Ogbonna Kanu, asked her to marry him and she said yes! So so pleased for them. Meanwhile, to my matter, dear future husband, biko show up nah! Me sef want to put on wedding I tap into Laura’s blessings!

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Linda Ikeji is Nigeria’s richest blogger at the moment who makes tonnes of dollars from her weblog, When she began her blog in 2006, Linda did it with no the intention of producing income on the net. Most of her blog posts bordered a great deal on most recent society gossip, celebrity talk and even information of her individual life. It was the kind of content material especially the sensational articles that brought about her blog’s recognition and also her close engagement with readers earned her a big fan base in Nigeria and other nations. So how substantially does Linda Ikeji make in a month? This comes as no surprise as Linda has been able to attract customers, companies and big brands to advertise on her internet site. Those who are interested frequently contact Linda to spot ads on her weblog.

Some of these leading brands we see consists of Airtel, MTN, HP e.t.c. A single point we know for positive is that her advert rates for banner sizes are very expensive contemplating the quantity of targeted traffic and guests she pulls on a everyday basis. Take for example, an advert of MTN placed above a post of Linda’s blog, this should cost a lot more than a smaller banner sizes due to its strategic position and is confident to get maximum exposure. This is what most bloggers use to earn on their online platforms. This is diverse from private placement advertisements that are capable of paying either each day, monthly or even weekly advert rate. Spend-per-click (PPC) adverts can only make income when men and women click on them. For Linda, the major PPC adverts out there on her blog are from Google Adsense and Ad Dynamo.

You may be asking yourself ‘How does Linda Ikeji’s weblog make money from best brands? Its pretty straightforward to realize. She has more than the years built a huge loyal follower-ship not only here in Nigeria but also abroad just by gossip blogging. No wonder these prime Nigerian brands use her as celebrity endorsements for their new goods. With the above approaches, Linda nonetheless makes cool income effortlessly apart from her blog from other investments she owns. This did not come quick but took years of difficult function and God’s blessings. There was a debate as to who is richer among herself and Wizkid? Trust me when I say that she is far richer. Linda is presently topping the list of richest bloggers in Nigeria 2017 and her achievement story is out there on the internet for aspiring bloggers to read.

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