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It gets challenging sometimes. There are a lot of fake things floating about. Sometimes it gets hard to tell which from WW 2 are fake and which ones are real.

Reliable Sources

You will find one or 2 Reliable sellers online. I would not spend too long searching around for different people because there are a lot of misleading advertisements. Places such as eBay and CraigsList do have some incredibly misleading ads, so be mindful.

Building Up Your Collection

I cannot stress this point enough. You do not need to spend all of your money and time trying to get everything having to do with WW2. You will wind up with a significant colelction that amounts to next to nothing. You should concentrate your efforts on particular products. You will find 100s of belts and cloths you can purchase from this period that sell for under $100.

I'm collector myself, not Of WW2, but of different things. You are feeling the need to purchase everything that person did. You need to focus on rare and harder to find things. These will be worth more money in the future.

Areas of Interest

Collectors have their Areas of interest. You need to focus on what interests you more. You may come across a particular general more interesting than others. Focus on that general and purchase items related to him or her.

It's very similar to Being interest in one or two pop artists over others. You purchase up things Associated with them. Collecting rare items is about more than just the main point. You should have some type of emotional connection to the time period also. Your Collection ought to have some heart behind it. I.e. [ Read the Full Document].