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Are you considering a career change? Are you Considering working for S&P Global Marketing Intelligence? We went online and did a little digging. We came across reviews left by current and former employees of the company.

1) You know just how many Companies require a probationary period? You don't have that with S&P. You will pass probation following the first day, based on how well you do. They are more lenient than a number of the other companies, which some see as both pros and cons.

2) Do you like to work out? You will have access to a great gym amenities through the company. You can exercise as much or as little as you need without paying extra money.

3) Every department has their Own specific benefits packages. Every department receives a great corporate rewards package on the first day. You'll have some wonderful options to pick from, quite flexible. Some departments will have additional benefits added in. You will need to speak to the department heads to learn what is included.

4) There's now a maternity Package available to women. It required some time to get this for the employees. It still below what the competition is offering, but at least it is something.

5) Employees get emergency Childcare with their healthcare packages, which covers costs you could be accountable for differently. Emergency care is excellent, particularly when your child comes down with something in the last minute.

6) You will have 5 paid days off for the holidays. The only downside is that by Taking off the time you get a reduced paycheck. They choose from Peter to pay Paul. For instance [ Suggested Web page].