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With many sports, footwear is chosen for the comfort however to aid the sportsperson in their activity and none more so than dancing. Footwork is metabolic process and decreased discipline in dance. Many dance steps are highly intricate requiring maximum skill, balance and rhythm. Dance shoes aid all these disciplines and most importantly, a few dancer the comfort which as much safety as .

As with dance costumes and clothing, dancewear footwear is specially made for comfort but also style to match each dance. Latin footwear is light, have open toes and slim heels. They always match the dance costume with the most popular colours being tan, black and silver. Ballroom shoes are more conservative to complement this more traditional dance style. Again, they are designed and manufactured thinking about ballroom dancing. Most ballroom shoes have covered toes and a slightly lower heel than the Latin shoes.

They are designed to be unrestrictive and enhance the dancer's routine whilst incorporating special soles, stitching and either leather or satin definitely not necessary stand up towards the rigorous dance moves. On the feet, they look like a normal shoe.

Dance is a visual sport that even shoes are huge role and also so they also help the dancer get into the role within the routine. Dancers carrying out multiple dance styles should have separate pairs of shoes for each kind. A dancer will never wear the same pair of shoes used for the Rumba as the Waltz.

From a technical aspect, dancewear shoes and ballroom shoes play more with regards to a role than frequently develops after think. A Latin shoe for example allows the foot to move in these a way that the hips move can be one of the most important and distinctive factors of the Latin dances. Ballroom shoes create gracefulness and enable the dancer to produce the fast steps in dances such while quick step.

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