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There are quite a few disgruntled Muhammadu Buhari supporters straddling the social media space. Worried by a series of controversies in a government they placed higher hopes in, a lot of of Buhari’s supporters are penitent.

"Throwback to when I made use of my bike to campaign for Buhari preaching transform. God forgive me," 1 named ‘Hur’ not too long ago wrote on social networking web-site Twitter, accompanied by teary emoticons.

Did individuals like Hur genuinely have a selection in 2015?

The Jonathan Years

It was constantly clear to the neutrals that Buhari was not Nigeria’s very best-achievable presidential proposition in 2015. But weighing him against Goodluck Jonathan, he was the perceptibly improved choice. Two disappointing Buhari years are not adequate to exorcise the ghost of the Jonathan years. A speedy rundown, for those who have forgotten.

What collective progress would Nigeria have produced under a man who personalised and institutionalised corruption? This was a man, who, speaking of his aversion to asset declaration for public officials, as mandated by the Code of Conduct Bureau, stated: "The situation of public asset declaration is a matter of individual principle. That is the way I see it, and I don’t give a damn about it, even if you criticise me from heaven." That was in 2012.

Two years later, at a presidential media chat, he made a woeful attempt to separate corruption from stealing, saying: "Over 70 percent of what are known as corruption, even by EFCC and other anti-corruption agencies, is not corruption but popular stealing."

Under Jonathan, frequent stealing was the norm — left, proper and centre. It was so poor that a returning minister, seeing the scale of looting all over the location, would say in private circles: "I have not come to Abuja this time about to count the bridges I should get my share."

Buhari has brought a new dimension to the people’s dissatisfaction with governance. To his credit, Jonathan assembled a relatively technocratic cabinet but Buhari’s is inferior by a distance. Buhari produced huge progress with limiting the Boko Haram damage but cronyism and ethnocentrism are some of the hallmarks of his reign.

Of the a lot of corruption situations under his watch, one was particularly problematic for Jonathan. Stella Oduah, his aviation minister, was discovered guilty of procedural breaches in the buy of two bulletproof vehicles for $1.6 million — about $1.two million more than the industry cost. Nevertheless, Oduah prospered beneath Jonathan and in fact played a huge role in his 2015 campaign he only dispensed with her when he sensed her baggage could hurt his re-election bid.