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Before you hire an SEO Consultant to give a monthly search engine optimization service for you, you need to be certain the company you hire comprises all the things you and your website will need.

A first consultation -- Prior to any SEO is done on your own website in Any Way, You ought to have an initial consultation with a company during which time they assess your site and tell you exactly what has to be changed on it.

They should also look at Your current position on Google with specific important words, and then look at your present backlinks to see where they could be improved.

Monthly reports -- After your monthly SEO service starts, a good SEO consultant should Give you in depth monthly reports that show you what's been done for your website, and where your website now falls in Google search.

Monthly onsite optimization -- A good SEO consultant will gradually change Your on site optimization over a month or 2. That is because an exceedingly optimized site that is optimized too quickly may put off warning bells with Google that it is a scam website.

Building backlinks -- No SEO consultant worth their salt will build Too many backlinks too fast, as it is a v hint to Google that your site is either low quality or spam.

This is why a reputable SEO consultant will build a specific number of backlinks every month. Backlinks that will be included on your monthly SEO service, and will gradually improve your Google search position.

Local search optimization -- The best SEO consultant will also not render Out local search optimization, as this is often where you are able to gain a lot of traffic when done correctly.

Optimization Ought to Be Done every month before your site ranks high in local search results as well. I.e. More suggestions.