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Apart from consulting with other moms, it is important to know that in most of the stores there are already specialized staff that can guide you about it, but first of all, it is worth taking a look at the advice has selected for the purchases you will have to make before delivery.

- The cradle: It is important that the cradle has rounded edges without any outgoing metal parts. The railing should be high to prevent your baby from pulling when standing. If you choose a crib with bars and / or bars, they should not be separated by a distance of more than 6 cm.

- Bathtub: Your size should be suitable for your baby. Your material should be easy to clean and easy to store.

- Changer: Make it suitable height to avoid crouching to change the baby's diaper. That will save column problems later. The changer should be next to a mobile to distract your baby and not move as much as you change.

- Stroller: Choose one that presents resistance in your materials, that has a size suitable for your baby, and that is as light as possible. You will have to carry it for many months until your baby starts walking. It is made of washable material. It is very useful, mainly in the trips of vacations.

- Baby clothes: Should be cotton and without buttons, embroidery or too many seams. The colors should be soft, and the size should allow ease in the movements of the baby and a better practicality for the mother.

- Pacifier: It is a good resource to reassure the child. If you opt for it, you must know that there are different types: classic, anatomical; of different materials: rubber, silicones; and of different sizes according to the age of the baby.

- Bottles: If your baby is fed formula, it is advisable to have several bottles. There are different materials and shapes, as well as teats. There are bottles that prevent your baby from swallowing air, and consequently have gas problems. The essential thing is that it is well sterilized.

- all natural baby products : It has a very broad base and a seat with a seat belt of easy handling for the parents.