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Many people consider that eliminating pests in their homes or establishments is an easy task, besides that there are many products on the market that promise the definitive elimination of them with an application and even promote them with much cheaper prices than services. of companies dedicated to pest control. There are several factors to take into account when applying them that may cause problems even greater than the infestation.

commercial exterminators
The problem is that unauthorized people or people who are not specialists in the subject do not know exactly how to attack and control the infestation: for example, they do not know how to identify the problem or what is the specific species that has invaded the place, as well how to locate the focus and destroy it completely. Also, they are not aware of how to determine what are the possible entrances and exits of pests somewhere. And most importantly, not many know what is the right formula and dose to use chemicals in certain places and this is a factor of great importance and delicacy since the minimum error that is made can run at risk to your health and of close people, animals and the environment.