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They are so easy to set up and tear down, and are great for the baby on the go.Quilt - There are so many varied crib sets for babies, and quilts are so bright and fun! There is a quilt for every themed baby room you could imagine and some beautiful quilts that just stand on their own. They are comfortable as well as colorful, and a must have for your new baby's room.Rocking Chair - Your baby's nursery would not be complete without a comfy rocking chair. This will be a relaxing haven for mom, as well as soothing for baby. The gentle motion of a rocking chair is an important addition for your baby's comfort.Swing - When mom or dad are in the kitchen, looking after the family or simply sitting down for a moment, a baby swing is a handy asset. It is great for entertaining your baby, passing the time, or simply letting the rocking motion help to encourage baby to take a quick nap.

Thermometer - This is a very important little tool to have on hand. When your baby is not feeling well, keeping track of his temperature is of the essence. Baby thermometers are very modern these days, gauging the temperature quickly and effortlessly.Umbrella Stroller - This is a must-have stroller for quick trips and walks around the neighborhood. They are lighter and easier to fold up than the standard stroller, and sometimes much less trouble for short jaunts. Don't underestimate the value of this handy little stroller. They cost less too!Vaporizer - A great tool for clearing clogged breathing passages when your baby has a cold. The vaporizer uses steam mist to add moisture to the air. Sometimes medicine can be added to a small container in the top of the machine, and this might add a little best baby swing menthol to the mist.Walker - This is handy when your baby wants to stand up and move around a bit. A walker will give him some support while he tries out his sea legs!X-tra Diapers - All right, so we are being creative here. But you never can have too many diapers. No worries about running out in the middle of the night!Yellow Rubber Duckie - It is yellow, it holds up well to chewing, it squeaks and is fun in the bathtub. Need I say more?Zinc Oxide - This is for the inevitable diaper rash. Zinc Oxide is a life saver, and works well and gently on your baby's tender skin.Unique P's and Q'sPlaytime - This is important for babies, whether it be tummy time, or time on their back playing with little dangling gym toys, or just having fun time with Mom and Dad. Playtime is also learning time.Q-Tips - Not specifically for cleaning inside baby's ears, but Q-Tips can come in handy for gentle cleaning in hard to reach areas, or applying a little lotion or medication.Rice Cereal - This is one of your baby's first solid foods when he is ready, and can be mixed with a little breast milk or formula for creaminess. It can also be mixed with a little bit of infant baby fruit or vegetables once your baby is starting to eat a few different types of solid foods.Swaddle Blanket - A swaddled baby is a warm, happy baby.