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Home roasting is the process of roasting green coffee beans in a small quantity for your personal consumption. People have actually been roasting their own coffee for centuries and prior to 1914 it was quite common.Home roasting became a thing of the past for most when commercial roasters became commonplace and the convenience of "instant coffee" hit the market.Now, as with any process, the newness of instant coffee has long worn off and people are increasingly trying to find the finest, freshest, best tasting coffee. Coffee is often thought of as one of the "simple pleasures" in life and a new refining is taking place. In order the get the ultimate cup, with the freshest and most tailored taste, people are turning to home roasting.Home Coffee Roasting MachinesHome coffee roasting machines are becoming more widely available. They are easy to operate because they automate the roasting process and provide a controlled and even roast.The most commonly purchased units are fluid bed roasters. These type roasters are less expensive than drum roasters. Fluid bed roasters can roast coffee beans in approximately 7-20 minutes at temperatures between 205 C (400 F) and 250 C (480 F) to reach peak flavor. They are also popular because they and are easy to clean and easy to maintain.Fluid bed roasters are designed similarly to a hot air popcorn popper. They have a glass roasting chamber so you can view the roasting process. This also allows you to be able to check your roast and to stop the whenever the perfection achieved.

An average yield from these types of roasters ranges between 8 - 20 cups. This, however, is dependent on how strong you like your coffee and also the type of brewing system you use.Fluid bed roasters are priced around $80.00 to $180.00. They are an inexpensive and rewarding way to explore home roasting.Benefits of Home RoastingDepending on the storage method, coffee flavor peaks approximately 24 hours to 7 days after the roasting process. With this in mind home roasters have the freshest roast possible.Home roasters are able to roast in more exact amounts. This means that what they roast is what they consume and within the 7 day peak of freshness.Green coffee beans are estimated to have a shelf life of one or more years when properly stored so the home roaster can keep an ample supply.The home roaster is generally able to consume fresher coffee than typical commercially roasted coffee. The home roaster has control over exact roast times so they can tailor each batch to their individual preference.With all recent interest in home roasting, and specifically the formation of home roasting cooperatives and internet green bean suppliers, there are now a very wide selection of high quality green beans available to the general public.Things to ConsiderHome roasting appliances have a small capacity. The most popular methods are the hot air popcorn best coffee roaster popper and the modified bread machine.This method is particularly popular in Australia where the device has been named a 'Corretto' after the online nickname of its inventor. No matter what your choice on roasting machines, it is always rewarding to roast you own beans and know that you have the freshest coffee beans possible.