Best Road Bike Brands Under 1000

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It doesn't matter if you are touring or riding in the mountains you want your equipment to handle the challenge. And that goes for everything on your bike, but one could argue the most important component are the tires. The tires keep you on the road, safe and stable at high speeds or rough terrain. So why not get the best value around and that would be Continental bike tires. Durable and reasonably priced. Great value for any cyclist.The German-based Continental company has been making some of the finest bicycle tires for almost 140 years. In their founding days, the company made top quality bike and carriage tires, and since, Continental has expanded to include an automotive division. Their tires are equipped to handle the most arduous conditions and still deliver optimal performance. What could be more grueling than the Tour de France? This 3500 kilometer road race is the measure of a cyclist's dedication and skill - how well it holds up to wear and tear is a good comparison. Continental not only rides with the best, they deliver results. Mark Best Road Bike Brands Cavendish, the best sprinter the bike world has seen in the past 40 years, rides Continentals. In 2009's Tour, Mark won six stages, including the final day's Champs Elysees stage. Just because a champion uses a certain set of tires doesn't mean he is assured a victory.

For world class tires, you would expect to pay world class prices; for example basketball shoes endorsed by a pro player can cost you much more than you might suspect. No matter what your skill level is, Continental gives you pro quality but not pro prices. You could pay $150 for another leading brand, or you could save your money, get on the trail, and start breaking your own records. The choice is yours. You don't have to spend a fortune to get quality. With Continental, the difference is that you get what you pay for and a whole lot more.Don't expect to pay all that much for quality tires from Continental? This depends in part on the type of biking you do. The City Ride Bike Tire, for instance, which Continental calls its "hybrid tire for recreational riding," has a flatter profile for larger contact area on asphalt and a lower rolling resistance. One tire that can be used for a commuter and those on a restricted budget because it lists for roughly $24. You can save even more at some online retailers. A comparable tire for a mountain biker is the Eplorer. This tire, which is $20, has EndlessEdge tread for loose and muddy terrain and is ideal for cross-country and even marathon use.

You can easily have the best tires on your bike for under $50. But what if you need more than recreational quality (which is still exceedingly high with Continental)? Whether you need tires that can handle multi-day events or you need the tubulars for the best performance and traction, Continental again offers superior value. Their Podium Tubular Bike Tire, for instance, is a specially designed racing tire with a slim profile and durable tread. This is perfect for races against the clock, and it costs $60, which can be half of what other manufacturers charge.No matter what type of riding you do, Continental has a tire that will ride right along with you and help you boost your performance.