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This article provides you with a comparison of different types of shredders and features. If you are shopping for a new paper best paper shredder shredder and wondering which one is best for you, hopefully this guide will help you out.Security - As far as security goes, cross cut paper shredders are the most secure (cross cut is also known as confetti cut, diamond cut or micro cut). There are software programs available that can recreate information from strip cut paper shreds. Where as cross cut paper shreds are considered to be impossible to recreate.Ease of Use - To many people this is the most important. None of us want another electronic in our life that is hard to use. Consider getting a paper shredder that has an auto reverse button, this will allow you to clear paper jams fast and easily. Or, get a shredder with jam-free rollers.

Another ease-of-use feature is a pull out paper bin. Many people prefer pull out bins versus standard bins. With a standard bin you have to remove the top of the shredder to empty it. The pull out bins are more convenient, easier to use and doesn't make a mess.Safety -- If have small children and are shopping for a paper shredder for your home, consider getting one with a safety guard. Most safety guards will shut down the shredder or not allow it to turn on if the top is off of the shredder, the gears are exposed, the bin is open or the shredder has tipped over.What you need to shred -- Will you need it to shred credit cards, CDs or DVDs? How about staples or paper clips? Getting a shredder than take staples will cost a bit more money but it might be worth it to not have to spend time removing staples.

Budget -- If you are shopping for a personal paper shredder for your home and are planning to only shred a handful of papers a day or less, you will be able to find a paper shredder for under $150 that fits your needs. If you are looking for a paper shredder for your office and plan to shred a stack or two of paper a day, then you will want to invest in a commercial grade shredder which start at $150-$200.In summary, choose a paper shredder based on safety, security and ease of use, how much you will be shredding and what you will be shredding.