Bitmain Releases The All New Antminer A3 Miner

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The SC1 mining rig by SiaCoin is expected to be twice as power-efficient as the Antminer A3. While both miners have an output of about 800 GH/s, the new SC1 pulls only 500 watts to accomplish what the A3 rig needs 1183 watts to do. In March as test chips are received, the actual efficiency of the new SC1 rig will become more apparent, with several predictions being made that it will surpass expectations. Unfortunately, SC1 miners won’t be shipped out until May of this year. So far, however, the SIA Miner has offered the market plenty of transparency by releasing their miner sales thus far. The company, having sold nearly 3,600 SC1 units and almost 3,000 DCR1 units in the first batch, went on to sell an additional 1,350 DCR1s and nearly 2,000 SC1 rigs already. Interestingly, the Obelisk SC1 has been announced as the SIA network’s upcoming cryptocurrency ASIC miner. Still under development and troubleshooting, the SC1 miner has yet to undergo mass production. However, there have already been hundreds of preordered SC1 units, with a promise from SIA to send the new miners to buyers within the next few months. The competition keeps heating up though, as Bitmain recently announced their own new release: the Blake(2b) ASIC rig, stating that their innovative miner is fully functional, in mass production, and ready to be shipped out immediately. New Rig Developments Are Underway Meanwhile, Bitmain also promised customers a shipping speed of only 10 days, much sooner than what SIA anticipated. Typically, Bitmain orders take about 3-4 months to ship, so this increased shipping speed comes as a pleasant surprise to the brand’s fans. Although the price tag on Bitmain’s Antminer A3 rig is nearly $2,400, the first batch of units sold out in a matter of hours. The basic specs of the Antminer A3 rig is as follows: · Algorithm - Blake(2b) · Hash Chip Quantity Total - 180 · Boards Quantity - 3 per rig · Hashrate Total - 815 GH per second +/- 5 percent · DC Voltage Input - 11.60-13 volts · DC Power at 12-volt DC Input - 1186 watts + 7 percent · Noise - 75 decibels Considering that the current network has a hashrate of 626.74 TH/s, this new rig’s 815 GH/s per ASIC unit is remarkable. Imagine how just one 6x GPU rig can achieve an average of 6000 Mh/s to 9000 Mh/s. Without the unavoidable degree of difficulty, the ROI of Bitmain’s Antminer A3 would be one week or less. Of course, outcomes are varied widely based on numerous factors, so keep that in mind. The Perceived Problems and Skeptical Speculation Provided that Bitmain doesn’t sell too many units in too little time, the miner appears very profitable after the necessary adjustments are considered. According to some Bitcoin talk threads, however, between 10,000 and 15,000 rigs have already been sold. In theory, those sales should increase the network’s hashrate from approximately 640 Th/s to around 8,500 Th/s. This could result in an increase in difficulty by about 20 times. Such predictions are merely speculation, however. The market will likely be unsure of the changes or the number of miners sold until the difficulty rises. Either way, it’s probably wise to look at a few reviews and consider some opinions from both the end users and the companies manufacturing the rigs. After all, Bitmain recently warned customers of a scam being perpetrated against them. Click here for more information. The Final Verdict Although SIA developers have been quick to express their opinions on the new Bitmain A3 miner, it’s important to decide for yourself. Some folks from the crypto mining community have strong opinions about the new Antminer, and SIA has been asked to soft fork the coin. According to SIA’s most recent tweets, the core team is considering several options in response. For now, the SIA network employs Siacoin as an altcoin for local currency. Allowing users to store their data on the cloud, the network is different from Dropbox or Google Drive, namely in the way files are managed. Casual users store encrypted fragments of files. However, this only allows for access to and decryption of their own files. Instead of being stored in privately controlled servers, SIA files are encrypted, duplicated, and fragmented before being distributed across a decentralized network - completely cutting out the need for a third-party storage firm. While it may be too soon to jump to conclusions, most people are excited about the new A3 miner. SIA continues to be a company with a solid reputation and a steady growth in popularity, albeit not ratcheting in price like Ethereum coins and some of the others. Sia coins have decent prospects and are backed by legitimate service, which means it may be a good idea to mine them by using the ASIC rig you can afford, regardless of market speculation and industry-standard skepticism. Disclosure: This article was written by . All Rights Reserved. Contact 786-471-0568 for more information or email us at