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Black ants are the ants that are most often seen on terraces and in houses.

The workers are black with gray highlights and measure between 3 and 5 mm and the queen can measure up to 11 mm (usually 9 mm).
It is a monoginic species, that is, there is only one queen per anthill.
He is able to travel long distances in search of food. This is the reason why I enter homes.
They usually live on the ground, under the rocks or slabs of the gardens and sometimes build nests in the layers of insulation and from there they enter our houses through the cracks that the cement presents. They can also be introduced into crumbling wood.

In nature Lasius niger feeds on the nectar of flowers and treacle that some aphids (aphids) secrete.

In return, the ants protect the aphids from other threats. This situation leads to the loss of crops due to the large number of aphids they present.
They also feed on ripe fruits and to get protein they feed on small insects and spiders, so they are beneficial as predators of other insects and scavengers in general.
In homes they are especially attracted to sweet or sugary substances. The ants cover a large area of ​​land in search of food. When one of them finds something sweet, you can communicate with others by tapping them with their antennae and also through the tropholaxy and social stomach.(Exchange of food among the members of the colony). This also serves as an element of social "cohesion", since not only food is transmitted but also hormones, elements of recognition ...

It is obvious that they are unpleasant to the eye and that they can damage food intended for human consumption.
The ants live in colonies and in their life cycle there are several strains (workers, males and queen)
Once the queen has deposited the eggs, they hatch 3 or 4 weeks later. The larvae feed on the secretions of the queen until the first workers emerge (duration of the larva phase of 2 to 4 weeks). From this moment, these are the ones that will take care of the larvae, to look for food and to build the anthill.  bellevue ants exterminators (The total egg to adult time is 8 to 12 weeks.)
Fertile males appear later, and die after mating with the queen.
A special feature of this ant is the reproduction when the anthill is big enough, towards the end of summer, males and females come out of anthill in winged forms, make a nuptial flight and once the mating takes place, they build a new anthill.