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You've probably heard this a million times.  But how do you feel confident if you are soaky-wet and you have to make a run for the toilet every hour to make sure there's no leak or stain in your underwear? Well, if you are this kind of woman, you don't want to be caught unaware in a social gathering in that "particular-time-of-the-month"? Don't let menstruation take you off your stride.  With Cherish Premium Sanitary Pads, you can step out with confidence any time of the month. Count on Cherish Sanitary Pads from now on!

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Importance of Hygiene Sanitary Pads are most woman’s must have every month.  Its main function is to absorb woman's blood flow that comes out from the vagina preventing mess and odour.  The use of poor quality pads causes about 62% of woman to be infected.  Symptoms like headache, abdominal pain, vaginal inflammation, itchiness or sometimes fever are caused by bacterial infections.                    On the average, a woman needs 3 to 6 days a month for the treatment of vaginal infection. So if a woman suffer from the age of 20, she will spend at least an estimated 6 years of her life on medical treatments.

Sanitary Pads are classified as a Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) hence some manufacturers are forced to use recycled paper as raw material to save on cost & to keep up with the demand. To be able to use these recycled paper, some have to resort in using large amount of chemical agents to bleach, sterilise and remove odour from these used papers.  That’s why genital infections like inflammation, rashes & UTI among others are very common when using ordinary sanitary pads.

Do you know that as much as 107 bacteria can reside in per surface of your ordinary sanitary pads after a continuos use of only 2 hours?  Thus making it an excellent environment for growth & multiplication of harmful viruses that cause vaginal diseases that may lead to cancer if not detected early.               Made with non-bleached Natural Cotton, CHERISH™ PREMIUM SANITARY NAPKINS, while ultra-thin, include a super-absorbent and safe polymer that is up to 10 times more absorbent than conventional pads and holds more than 300 times its own weight in liquid!

The unique negative ion strip has many proven health benefits including possibly reducing pain and inflammation and may help to neutralize unwanted odors. Now you can maintain an active, carefree lifestyle during that most sensitive time of the month. You’re going to Love the Way You Feel™.