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Men's fashion is forever changing. The jacket you had been in love with last year around the runway is now considered "old hat". You would like to dress fine, but you also need to be comfy.

1) The suit should fit the man. I made this mistake long ago. I bought 3 fine suits untailored. I did not have the money to tailor them, but I wore them anyway. The suits looked horrible on me. I am pretty sure I had a lot of people talking where I was working at the time. I learned the lesson the hard way, so you don't have to. Do not throw away your money out the door. Buy the ideal suit.

2) Keep it easy. I like to Dress up, but my style is much easier than many others. Sequins are great but wait for the correct time and place. You should base your fashion choices on the situation. What about the bling or gold chains? One or two is more than adequate unless you will a 90's party.

3) Every outfit needs a key component. You should try and be timeless with your fashion choices.

One time piece worn For a long time is far better than some gaudy outfit you wear to impress the masses.

4) Shoes make the outfit. Loafers and brogues continue to be in vogue. You should only wear loafers when the occasion is not there. The rest of the time that a wonderful pair of coaches is perfect.

5) You should know your style Before you dress. A lot of people abandon their style by dressing to impress, Which is the incorrect strategy. Sometimes placing comfort over fashion is your Right way to go. More: This Web page.