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In this day and age, searching, locating and obtaining California Accessing California Divorce Records divorce Records is much simpler compared to how it was before. Basically, this is because the state government of California has designated various agencies responsible for the upkeep and distribution of this sort of information. Apart from these governmental services, some online databases have also been established for faster access to this data.

In seeking through the government, the best agency to contact is the California Department of Health Services of the Office of Vital Records in Sacramento. This state repository holds all accounts for dissolution of marriage dated since 1962 to June 30, 1984. It can only issue a Certificate of Record, though, which is not categorized as a certified copy of the divorce decree. The Superior Court in the county where the divorce was filed is where authorized copies of the divorce decree can be ordered.

In California, there are three ways in which information on divorces can be requested. First off, you may visit the Superior Courts in person. In this method, your first step should be to California Divorce Records Database locate the right courthouse where the case for separation was heard and filed. Afterwards, find the case number, fill out the proper order form, go to the courthouse with proper identification and pay the required fees.

Another alternative is to apply for the divorce accounts through mail. If you prefer to get the information this way, it?s necessary to give the right courthouse with a postage paid self-addressed envelope. Also enclose a check which should be paid to the courthouse or court clerk. In some cases, you may be required to present a valid personal identification with the written application.

Searching can also be done through your online computer these days. Online databases for all divorce files allow you to locate the needed case number and other significant data about the case more easily and quickly. In this method, applicants simply need to provide important particulars regarding the involved parties, plus the when and where of the divorce. Within minutes, results are displayed right in your computer screen for a small fee.

Not everyone is aware about the significance of having Public Divorce Records on hand. More often than not, this sort of information can help you confirm the trustworthiness of your partner, especially someone who had been previously divorced. It brings to light the real cause of one?s separation from his ex-spouse. Moreover, it?s a good source of data for genealogy, background checks, showing identity, to name a few.