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Marriage is something that should be cherished for a lifetime. It is a happy and meaningful moment that deserves to be treasured. Today, California Marraige License Records though, most marriages normally end in either separation or divorce. In fact, according to statistics, at least half of marriages in the U.S. end up in divorce. However, this is not to say that married couples are not trying to work on their relationships. Even if marriage licenses are just papers or documents, they help a lot in binding a couple.

Years ago, obtaining copies of marriage California Marriage Records Free Access records proved to be quite difficult. There used to be no clear process for such, so you would have been referred to different offices or agencies. Also, there was no legal way of getting hold of public documents then. In 1966, though, the Freedom of Information Act was passed and all U.S. states were required to open vital dossiers to the public, albeit with strict rules and requirements to adhere to.

Every state has a set of instructions for obtaining public records. Some states allow anyone to get certified copies, while there are some that allow only immediate family members and legal representatives aside from the record owner. The first step for getting hold of public marital records begins with finding the right office or agency where the application or request is to be filed. Most states normally keep public records with their Vital Records Office. The said office, though, may not have copies of all records, so as an alternative, the clerk?s office of the county where the marriage happened is also open to the public.

In order to get the application process moving, you will have to prepare and submit all requirements being asked of you. There is also a fee, which you need to pay for each copy that you get your hands on. The amount usually varies in every state and county. It is also important to know that there may be a waiting period that can last for several days to some weeks as these offices receive tons of requests each day.

There is a simpler and easier way of obtaining copies of marriage licenses and this is through the help of independent online record providers. Their comprehensive online database is open for you anytime. The process is fairly simple as all you need is to provide the complete details of the record you need. It is easy for you to get what you need in a matter of minutes.

The biggest advantage of using online record providers in obtaining public marital records is that you won?t need to keep paying for every copy you get. There is a fee, yes; but it is of a very minimal amount. And you pay it only once, not every time that you get a record. In addition to this, you will have unlimited access to their database, which will make it easy for you to get hold of all the records you might need. Now, isn?t that simply an exceptional concept?