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But some other participants revealed their aggravation if these private clinics are the only principal service providers for the employees and might not be accessible during emergencies.Healthcare providersParticipants revealed that overall Ases reviewed, we saw that those that are left behind when health care in search of is complex because of service providers. But some other participants revealed their frustration if these private clinics are the only major service providers towards the employees and may not be accessible for the duration of emergencies.Healthcare providersParticipants revealed that well being care looking for is complicated due to service providers. They expressed their dilemma about providers. "Seeking therapy is tricky... for those who visit public providers you can not get the solutions and for those who go to private providers you get the solutions but it is costly..." (female respondent, uninsured) The most critical aspect which created participants to hesitate about wellness insurance coverage was the perceived low high-quality of solutions especially in public providers. They questioned if it really is manageable to provide fantastic excellent healthcare service with the present status of health program. "... within this present circumstance of health facilities, I don't need wellness insurance"(male respondent, uninsured) "... With all the present circumstance, it can't function. We have to enhance the technique very first: the health care providers, sort and good quality on the services offered and several other concerns must be addressed. The government may well solve the economic barrier but what regarding the waiting time? How can it ensure that I'm having the best service I need to have? Nonetheless, I am not concerned regarding the payments I make especially in public facilities but the good quality from the service..."(male respondent, uninsured) Most participants rated the solutions of private facilities to be of excellent high-quality and that they favor to acquire services from these facilities. They questioned no matter if they can get solutions from private providers once they are enrolled to the social well being insurance. "...with existing situation, it is difficult to get solutions from government hospitals...when it comes to waiting time, accessibility, high-quality... so private facilities offer good quality services"(female respondent, uninsured) They believed that the private providers are more accessible and they needs to be given the mandate to provide the social wellness insurance coverage. Having said that, there was also a view that such mandate need to be offered to government facilities considering that they could be accountable and thatthe private facilities may possibly abuse the scheme. They also pointed out that the scheme could go bankrupt if it really is left to private providers because the solutions are highly-priced. All agreed that, mostly capacity ought to be constructed for the public providers when it comes to quality improvement. Then, solutions may be provided by mix of public and private providers. Some participants also appreciated the improvement in service provision of some public hospitals in Addis because of this of substantial scale health sector reform. Nevertheless, the solutions of overall health centres have been stated to become nonetheless questionable. They revealed that there had been no sufficient specialists at overall health centres title= jir.2011.0094 which compromise the solutions that could be provided to them. "...private providers may well be involved to some extent but predominantly the solutions really should be provided by government facilities" (male respondent, uninsured) "The services must be offered both by private and public providers. When we prefer private, we think about top quality and waiting time...