Using a Nikon Total Station

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Surveying is an art and technology as antique because the most ancient civilizations. documents from the ancient Egyptian civilization nation that a form of surveying device turned into utilized in Leica TS50 Total Station designing the pyramids. Nikon is a producer of all types of optical device inclusive of its overall Station, which a surveying device that is correct to .0001 diploma of accuracy, in step with the employer. setting the total Station up instruments for surveying surveying takes a little time and endurance, but it is able to be carried spectra energy transmission llc out with easy-to-find objects.

things you'll need
- Stake
- Mallet
- overall station tripod
- Nikon general Station

Use a mallet to drive a wood stake into the floor within the middle of the region you need to survey and region the overall Station tripod directly above this hub stake.

circulate every of the three legs out in even increments until the top of the tripod is at your chest height. hold the tripod focused over the hub as you pass the legs.

placed your foot on the small pedal on each of the toes and push the feet firmly into the ground. Set the full Station on pinnacle of the tripod and tighten the securing bolt thru the lowest of the tripod into the base of the station.

find the flat bubble level at the front of the full Station base. Slide the lengths of the legs up or all the way down to regulate the station until the bubble degree is flawlessly focused. Do now not do away with the feet from the floor while you modify the leg heights.

Spin the transferring a part of the entire station, so it makes one complete rotation then look through instruments for surveying the viewfinder. attention the crosshairs on any point ahead of you.

turn the two screws alongside the proper facet of the station base simultaneously until the crosshairs alongside the horizontal axis are level. Make small changes and hold checking the level till it's miles best.

level the vertical axis the usage of the unmarried knob on the left of the bottom until the crosshairs land perfectly centered at the factor you are viewing.