A Brief History Of The Evolution Of Vintage Comics

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Cartoons have Kong been Adored by kids and adults alike. Their history dates back into the early 20th century when they were first invented as a kind of entertainment. While they've grew more sophisticated and advanced in appearance and theme, many of the early cartoons have a charm of their own and are still sought out.

The Very First Generatiom of Cartoons

Among the oldest popular Cartoons is Felix that Cat who is first presented in 1919 and is still a much loved character. From the Disney realm, Mickey mouse arrived about ten years later and has been followed by Donald Duck a few years later which made the start of the Disney universe. Popeye is another much loved character from this era and was made to coincide with Olive Oyl his girlfriend. The early 20s have been an unbelievable time for cartoons to grow and expand.

Some Afterwards Favorites

Cartoons continued to grow And mature as time went on and researched varied themes and characters. Even the original cartoon characters developed in intriguing ways. Mickey Mouse got a further cast of characters to match him and Donald and a more complex troop of people to support him. Tom and Jerry were added a couple of years later and were made by the comic team of Hanna and Barbara who went on to make the Jetsons and the Flintstones in later years.

The Future of Cartoons

Cartoons have continued to Develop and grow into interesting and complex ways. Anime is an extreme instance Of this and is written more for adults than children. While children will Continue to love cartoons, expect there to be much more interesting and Expansive cartoons created to fill the full spectrum of entertainment. From the Early origins of the first cartoons of Felix the Cat, this expansion in cartoons Is an incredible journey indeed. Visit my explanation.