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Bitcoin was projected as option to usuall currencies. Right after the next when his value goes drastically higher troubles have started out Very first situation - costs If consumer want to transfer btc he have to pay average 37$ of charge. It truly is unprofitable to get lower-price factors with bitcoin 2nd difficulty - time to complete the transaction If you want to invest income in some other crypto like ethereum you require to be quickly. the seconds rely. But bitcoin want bare bare minimum ten minuts to transfer income. Some times it contemplate up to 24 a number of several hoursA weak website link when it arrives to cryptocurrencies are also stock exchanges that are employed to trade digital money into regular - largely bucks. Sadly, this aspect of the method often fails. An case in point of this is the current breakdown of bitcoin just before Christmas. A single of CoinBase's largest cryptocurrency exchanges ceased to trade digital funds. Such situations also occur to banking companies, even though much less frequently than on the digital market place. Anyway i think investing in cryptocurrent is a good way to earn money