An Invisible Fence Long Island NY Will Maintain Your Dog Happy And Safe

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The Canine Company of Long Island is currently offering invisible fences for $150 off their regular value. You will find indoor and outdoor invisible fences.

Invisible In Door Fences

Canine Company's in Door Fences come with shields which may be placed in are as which you need to pet-proof such as chairs, the trash can, the sofa, the bed, and much a lot more. The shields can be be used between 2 and 12 feet of their dog's collar. When you have a person who has an animal allergy staying with you, no longer do you have to be concerned about your dog entering the sleeping quarters. No further do you want to need to put in baby gates to keep your pet out of penetrating pet-proof areas.

Invisible Outdoor Fences

Barely noticeable wire Will not detract from the attractiveness of your property. The wire may be placed on all kinds of outside are as including hills, woodlands, rocky areas, level areas, soil are as, and even underwater. Your dog will likely not will need to head out having a rope or leash since the instincts on his collar and also the transmitter will maintain him over the boundaries that you set. The transmitter is set up in the garage, shed, or some other area you really desire. If you have five acres of property, you're wish to try their 2.0 GPS containment technology for extra significant areas. Notice if traditional or boundary plus technology is excellent for you.


Canine Corporation has been Installing invisible fences for your previous 30 years. Their trainer and Technicians are prepared to instruct pet owners how exactly to use the invisible dog fence. All orders over $75 has free shipping. Go to Canine Organization's site to Reserve a free consultation and quote. Canine Company wants to reinvent the Manner you spend the time by means of your own dog. You won't be let down. For instance Click On this page.