Applying For Vietnam Online Visa Is Now Easy And Straightforward

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This can be a privately owned website and never a government company. Vietnam is one of the most lovely countries on the planet, and journey to the Southeast Asian country is about to get easier for US passport holders. On a do you need a visa vietnam on arrival to go to vietnam basis of reciprocity, the Authorities of Vietnam will only challenge 1 year a number of entry visas for US Citizens from September 6th 2016 with the charge being $200. This new visa rule applies to both business and tourist visas, and it'll take effect beginning September 6, 2016.

On arrival at airports of Vietnam, you will see visa on arrival office (or touchdown visa counter), hand over your passport, print copy of visa approval letter and ONE passport size photo visa for vietnam for attaching on entry form. Paid for stamping price $25 USD for single entry or $50 USD for multiple entry and get again passport with visa. Our supporting workers is working 24 hours to assist you.

The fee is collected by the Immigration Officers and obligatory for all those that use visa on arrival methodology. Departing from Choose a range of airports that suit your travel requirements. VITAL DISCOVER IN RELATION TO TOURIST LOOSE LEAF VISA FOR VIETNAM. All international nationals, including kids, require a visa to enter Vietnam. It's each particular person passenger's responsibility to acquire the appropriate Vacationer Visa and to guantee that whenever you obtain it, all particulars are right.

For those who select to use for their visa independently, Journey Division accepts no duty apply for vietnam visa delays attributable to incorrect provide of data and/or delays in obtaining enough data to course of visas. The responsibility lies solely with the customer to produce the correct information on time so as to obtain a valid visa for journey.