I'm a member of a regular Friday night poker game, and as with most friendly games, the dealer rotates from player to player for each hand, and the dealer gets to select his game. My favorite? A game known as "Texas Push".

The Idea of the game is To make a five card hand (one down card and four up cards, similar to five card stud) where the maximum hand and the lowest (worst) hand split the pot.

The game begins with each Player getting one down card. The first player then receives an up card. The player has the choice of maintaining the card, or passing it to the next player. If the player keeps the card, the next player gets an up card and the exact same alternative. If the player passes the card, the next player then additionally has the same option and so forth throughout the players. In each case, there is a charge to passing a card. Once a player retains a card, the other preceding players ' are "filled in", they get a card that they don't have any choice except to keep. This process continues, with gambling on each completed round, until all of the players have 5 cards in total. Once all of the players have 5 cards (along with the betting is completed), the players are then requested to "declare". A coin in their hands means they're declaring for the "large" hand, without a coin usually means that the "low" hand. The highest and lowest hand for each declaration split the total pot.

The strategy of the game Is to utilize the ability to pass cards to build either a low or high hand. Poker players will know what the high hands will be - normally three of a sort, a straight, or a flush will be a winning hand. For the low hand, the ultimate will be 6, 4, 3, 2, Ace where they're not in suit (a flush or straight can't be used as a low hand).

It is a fun, strategic game That's always a hit at our weekly poker game. For instance [ Suggested Online site].

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